Sexual Selection Update | Eggs Rule

Body| Beauty| Sexy Dirty tricks of the egg and sperm race, via New Scientist, accomplishes two goals. The article quickly but thoroughly presents readers with a historical overview of civilization’s evolving view of the dynamic of reproductive fertilization.

Throughout the essay, professors Pat Monaghan and Tim Birkhead reference the reproductive war between the sexes in imagery suitable for Isabella Rosellini’s Green Porno.

Scoring points for both genders in the paragraphs, the authors end the essay with the most recent theory in reproductive genetics, writing ‘…  victory seems to lie firmly with the mother. It looks like eggs rule after all.’

This maternal control of growth and development has some fascinating implications. It means that, for many of the traits important in the mating game, such as body size and brain function, the father’s genes might not be as influential as the mother’s. So perhaps the fine details of what a particular male looks like are not as important to females as biologists have been apt to think. Instead, what females could really be after when they choose the sperm of one male over another is the male whose genes they can most easily manipulate behind the scenes. If so, that calls for a huge shake-up in the way we view sexual selection.