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X-posted Sensuality News| We have two very different messages about sensuality this morning. The first appears in a wonderful editorial from Paper Magazine, and it carries a critically important message:

“Nudity is a non issue. Sex is a huge part of life. To pretend it’s not is being a liar, and people who are afraid of their sexuality are suggering.”

Ironically, Anne next posted Chanel’s Spring 2011 ad campaign, which is very devoid of any emotion or sensuality.  Intimacy — at least between men and women — is not a concept in Karl Lagerfeld’s vocabulary.

Set on white wicker furniture, with two estranged humans, Freja Beha Erichsen and Baptiste Giabiconi, who presumably have something to do with each other, the Chanel campaign is positively monastic and lifeless.

Spring 2011 | Proper Restraint at Chanel and Valentino AOC Private Studio

It may be time to get out Anne’s scientific list of 32 reasons why sex is good for your health and wellbeing.  If we can’t convince people to enjoy sex as a form of responsible pleasure for body, spirit an soul, perhaps it’s anti-aging effects and overall health benefits can give sex a boost in real-life bedrooms.

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32 Health Benefits of Loving Sex