Sesame Street Talks Tough Times to Parents & Kids

Elmo says recession is scary. ‘Me no like that mommy lost her job/’If you’ve heard rumours that Elmo is conspiring with Oprah and Michael Moore to take on capitalism, let me put a stop to them.

Elmo is doing his duty to America’s children. In the same way that the country survived Sesame Street talking to kids about AIDs, the little one’s will be getting a birds eye view of life in America’s real-world economic trenches.

“Families Stand Together: Feeling Secure in Tough Times,” which airs Wednesday at 8 p.m features Al Roker, his wife Deborah Roberts, and Elmo talking to kids about tough times. Wait a minute! jean Chatzky appears, too?

“I think there are families who are looking for a script — they’re going to get one out of this,” Chatzky said.

It also offers tips on how kids can help, such as washing the car or washing the dog — “Anything that is a service that the family used to pay for but can’t really afford,” Chatzky said. via CNBC

Watching this video, I must say “this is all damn sobering.” Elmo’s mom is out of work and things are really bad.

Families Stand Together - from Sesame Street