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Kate Winslet | Mario Testino | Lancome Absolut Nu | Absolutely Elegant | Accidentally Sexy AOC Sensually Yours

‘You don’t want to go too far with something, making it tasteless. It always has to be absolutely elegant, absolutely tasteful, and somehow accidentally sexy’.

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USC Frat Boy Launches ‘Gullet Report’ for Expert Cocksman Getting Quality Pie AOC Sensually Yours

Guap n’ Drop: A target that is extremely difficult to take down. She probably doesn’t drink very much and she probably has a high socioeconomic status. Simple tactics wont impress her. It will take a good amount of effort and time to crack these. You are going to have to open up the wallet (guap) and spend (drop) a good amount on her to finally get to the pie. Better hope it has great grip for all your diligent work.