Sensuality 2010 | 55 Fabulous Style & Fashion Editorials - Pt1

Sensuality 2010 | 55 Fabulous Sensual & Style Fashion Editorials - Pt 1 Anne of Carversville

Enjoy Part 1 (2&3 coming tomorrow) of the most sensual editorials of 2010.

It was a banner year for Smart Sensuality women, as fashion got focused on honoring sensuality and making it downright virtuous in the style pages. This is music to our ears.

Before New Year’s Day we will also release New Eroticism and Religious Rites overviews.

We’ve never seen so much religious iconography in fashion, as media worldwide wrestles with the confounding messages that tear women’s souls apart. Most religion tells women that sensuality is sinful.

Even smelling peonies is sinful to the global morality police. No flower arranging for us; our focus will be beautiful women and top fashion media. Stay tuned.

A sampling of our 55 Fabulous style & fashion editorials is below:

Edita Vilkeviciute | Camilla Akrans | Industrie #2 | Phoenix Rising AOC

Anja Rubik by Camilla Akrans | Vogue Nippon March 2010 AOC

Edita Vilkeviciute | Camilla Akrans | Numero #117 SN