Sensory Wiring for Smell Very Individualistic, Yet We Experience Scent Similarily

Credit: iStock Photo via Science DailyRoseTracker| Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute are studying the nerve pathways in the olfactory systems of mice. They are finding major differences in the smell-activations centers from one mouse brain to another, concluding that our experience of smell is very impacted by individuality — except that there is consistency around how we describe individual smells.

Kristin Baldwin and her colleague Sulagna Ghosh used highly efficient technology to determine that there are enormous variations in the process of smelling. Ghosh explains that The amygdala was the one region we were unable to look at because its distance is greater than our tracer could reach,” she said. “It might be an area where there is a more ordered or stereotyped representation.”

If the scientists are correct, the amygdala — the region best known for its role in processing emotion — may be the source of bringing context and meaning to what we are smelling. via Science Daily