Senate Democrats Vow To Block New Abortion Restrictions

RedTracker| The Senate’s fiercest supporters of the Supreme Court’s decision that American women have a right to a legal abortion went on record today vowing to block two measures introduced by GOP Reps. Chris Smith of New Jersey and Mike Pence of Indiana that would eliminate any federal funds for abortion and also would prohibit federal funds for any organization that provides abortions. Planned Parenthood is the target of the Mike Pence legislation.

Politico reports that Sen Barbara Boxer (D-Calif) told reporters “I do think we’ll have 41” votes necessary to block the House legislation, should it pass. The Republican legislation is so strict that it allows women to die in the emergency room, if the health care provider choses not to perform the abortion necessary to save the woman’s life.

Boxer confirms today, saying: the House Republicans’ legislation goes “so far over the line on this one that if a woman comes in distressed into an emergency room, she just might be left to die under provisions in these bills.”

Boxer is very concerned the House Republicans will fold the abortion legislation into a “must pass” larger bill, effectively forcing the Senate’s hand.