SeeingRed | Does Papal Bull Against Bullfighting Work in Spain?

Eva Herzigova | Rankin | Vanity Fair Spain Sept 2010

GreenTracker| We revisit bullfighting in Catalonia and animal rights activists trying to extend the new ban into other parts of Spain.

Like dolphin-slaughter in Taiji, Japan, Spanish nationalists say that killing bulls or just scaring the wits out of the deranged animals with their horns set on fire until they have a heart attack and die, is akin to the second-amendment rights demanded by gun-toting Americans.

Anti-bullfighting activists at Guggenheim, Bilbao Aug. 21, 2010These are God-given, national-culture rights that much be preciously guarded in a world where globalists are out to take away our freedoms.

Does Vanity Fair Spain embrace bullfighting? The talented Rankin positions Eva Herzigova against a backdrop of black lace and Spain’s national bullfighting heritage in the September 2010 issue of Vanity Fair Spain.

It’s fascinating to note that Spain is a Catholic country — or allegedly so.

In 1567 Pope Pius V issued a papal bull condemning bullfighting and other forms of animal fighting for entertainment as “cruel and base spectacles of the devil” whose promoters are subject to excommunication. Pope Pius IX reiterated the 1567 bull in 1846, and Pope Pius XII cited it in 1940 in refusing to meet with a delegation of bullfighters. The 1567 papal bull eventually brought prohibitions against bullfighting throughout Italy, plus a 1928 ban on bullfighting to the death in Portugal, amended in 2000. via

It seems that Spanish nationalists don’t sweat excommunication over bullfighting. In Italy, we celebrate the black lace and red sensuality celebrated not in a bullish blood bath but in a gauzy natural transparency, styled by fashion editor Monika Kropfitsch and lensed by Johan Sandberg on model Bo Don for Marie Claire Italia Sept 2010.

As much as we love Barcelona and Madrid, we’re staying Italian, when the subject is bullfighting.

Bo Don | Johan Sandberg | Marie Claire Italia Sept 2010