Seeing Red | Three New York Women SC Justices

supreme court's new york womenRedTracker| Writing on Monday that we’re thrilled with the prospect of three female Supreme Court Justices, we didn’t consider that they’re all from New York. All were raised not far from the No. 2 subway line that connects those three New York City boroughs.

Surviving New York City’s obstacles can make women better equipped to compete with the patriarchy. New York remains a high-energy, can-do place not designed for shrinking violets.

That the high court could end up with three products of Gotham makes complete sense — even if it’s also a pure coincidence, said Ann Kirschner, dean of City University of New York’s Macaulay Honors College, which draws brainy public school students from around the city.

“When you mention a French woman it sets up certain reverberations,” Kirschner said. “She’s chic, she’s Chanel, she knows which wine glass to use. The New York woman — she’s a striver, she’s a tummler [Yiddish for someone who shakes things up]. via LATimes

Note: as we keep writing, French women are advancing quickly without giving up their lipstick. But we would be proud to call America’s three Supreme Court women our own, even though we ranted about having no Protestants on the Supreme Court.

If America wants to object to three New York women, we would have to stand by their challenge. There’s a great anecdotal story traveling that with Ginsberg and O’Connor, the boys club would not keep them straight and constantly referred to them by the wrong name. They now believe three women will force the judges to keep them straight. Fascinating!