Secrets of a Good Marriage Helen Mirren | Taylor Hackford Style

ArtTacker| Taylor Hackford has great things to say about wife Helen Mirren, as he reflects on directing her in “Love Ranch” and their 26-year-marriage. “Love Ranch deals with an aging madam in Reno, her flashy, philandering husband (Joe Pesci) and a young prize fighter brought in to make money for the ranch (Sergio Peris-Mencheta).

In reflecting on three people who have no romantic illusions left in them, passions are ignited in “Love Ranch”.

Hackford comments on the irrepressible Helen Mirren and her recent topless New York magazine photos. Often separated, they were together when the article appeared.

via NT MagazineHe’d known she did a shoot but didn’t realize quite how much she’d taken off. “But listen, she’s a person who’s very open and free and strong and brave about her own life and sexuality,” he says. “It’s not as though I’ve seen my wife as some prude. Long before I met her, I knew who she was and her kind of free and strong perspective of herself. And I champion that.” via Washington Post

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