Sea Shepherd | When You See Tuna, Think Panda

GreenTracker| In a stroke of creative brilliance, Sea Shepherd — fresh from a partial victory with the Japanese government on saving whales in international waters — has launched a new campaign to support Blue Rage: 2011 Mediterranean Bluefin Tuna Defense Campaign.

Recognizing that tunas aren’t as lovable as dolphins,  Sea Shepherd says: ‘When you see tuna, think panda.” Japan consumes 80% of Atlantic and Pacific bluefin tuna.

Sea Shepherd will return to the Mediterranean this summer with two vessels, not one. Sea Shepherd Conservation Society founder Paul Watson says: “We’ll be looking for poaching operations and if we find them we’ll cut the nets and release the tuna like we did last year.”

Atlantic bluefin tuna has been on the decline. A report by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species said that “the absolute extent of decline over the 50-year historical period ranging from 1957 to 2007 is estimated at 74.2 per cent, the bulk of which (60.9 per cent) was in the last 10 years”. via Times of Malta

Although the same report recommended that Atlantic bluefin tuna be listed as an endangered species — meaning it could not be traded or caught — the November 2010 international meeting resulted in Malta and other countries blocking the EU’s proposed reduction of tuna quotas for the 2011 fishing season.

The World Wildlife Association projects that bluefin tuna could be extinct in three years, a projection that Japan categorically rejects. More bluefin tuna articles; more dolphins articles

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