School Uniforms on the Rise in American Daycare, Preschools

RedTracker| Kids wearing uniforms to preschool and childcare centers is a growing trend, writes WSJ. Parents are happy to save money on simplified clothing budgets. No more arguments about what to wear to school today.

Daycare center directors report that uniforms lend an atmosphere of order and professionalism, with kids focused on learning and interaction and not ‘So-and-so is wearing that skirt, and it’s cuter than mine.’

Janice Palmer, early-care administrator of Little People Child Development Center in Bear, Del., says she began considering requiring uniforms last year after two 4-year-olds began competing for her to admire their dresses. As one child begged her to “look at my new pretty dress and my sparkly shoes,” Ms. Palmer says, a classmate approached her and said, ” ‘Miss Janice, I have on a new dress today, too, and you didn’t tell me I was beautiful.’ All of a sudden they were comparing themselves with each other,” Ms. Palmer says. “I don’t want to hurt these children. I don’t want them to think I acknowledge one child over another.”

There’s a counter belief that clothes allow kids to express their individuality, and that no solid research confirms that uniform-wearing kids score higher in test results.