Schlafly Parental Leave Fact Check: US 1 of 3 Countries Having No Parental Leave


RedTracker | Phyllis Schlafly has a new book coming out ‘The Flipside of Feminism: What Conservative Women Know - And Men Can’t Say’. As always Schlafly will blame feminism for everything that is wrong with America. She launched her red-aimed rocket yesterday in a Beverly Willet interview published on HuffPo called ‘Feminists Love Divorce!’

We have never ever underestimated Phyllis Schlafly, who will issue a call for American women to kick feminists in the butt once and for all. Schlafly’s coauthor Suzanne Venker lump all feminists into one garbage can writing that we love divorce and complain all the time about women’s rights.

I have a long record of telling American women that we should suck it in and be true grit women, but my kind of feminism doesn’t fit in Schlafly’s playbook. There is only one kind of feminist and she is pure evil.

Suzanne: ‘Flipside’ takes a positive view of women and their role in society as wives, mothers, career women and volunteers in the community. It’s the antithesis of the average feminist book in which the author kvetches about how bad American women have it. How is that helpful?

Phyllis: It is self evident that American women are the most fortunate women who ever lived and enjoy more freedoms and opportunities than are available in any other country. Armed with the right attitude, they have every opportunity for happiness and achievement. Women should stop feeling they are victims of the patriarchy, reject feminist myths, and follow the roadmap to success and happiness spelled out in ‘Flipside.’

We will debate Schlafly’s assertions with facts and not emotion. When Schlafly writes that it is ‘self evident’ that American have more rights than any women in the world, we prefer to check the fact book. Let’s start with paid maternity leave, where Ameria joins Swaziland and Papua New Guinea is not having one. Read on in Women's News.