Sarah Palin Posts Facebook Response on 'Drill, Baby, Drill'

GreenTracker| To her credit, Sarah Palin has posted a no-nonsense answer to people like AOC, who want to hear her position on ‘Drill, Baby, Drill’.

Sarah Palin answered swiftly and without running from her long-established position. Her answer is unlike most that will come out of Washington, which will be to beat the crap out of BP, even though Congress has done nothing to advance America’s energy dependency on oil. 

We find the business/scientific/environmental situation much more complex than Sarah Palin suggests, but applaud her quick Facebook response.

If this incident doesn’t sober up Americans on the need for alternative fuels, we don’t know what more is required. America has wasted 40 years with mental masturbation that we’re the chosen people, and God will help us live on oil because … well because we have a divine right to live on oil. God will provide.

With God on our side, intelligent thinking and strategic planning is not required for the United States of America.

What if God thinks we are behaving stupidly, wasting the divine intelligence that s(he) has given us? What if God believes we should think with brain cells, and not just assume that s(he) will wave a magic wand over our angelic heads, saving our divine American butts?

What if it’s time for Ronald Regan to ride into the sunset along with John Wayne. Welcome to the 21st century, my dear Americans. Anne