Sarah Palin Lays Out Conservative Feminist Agenda

RedTracker| Sarah Palin is claiming feminism as a core concept for Conservative women, saying that it should be wrestled away from Ivy League lounges and places like Anne of Carversville, and installed where it belongs: as the frontline of an anti-abortion, you CAN do it all, if you pray hard to God and refuse to compromise on anything but excellence for your life.

Sarah Palin is a brilliant woman and strategic thinker, and her intention to co-opt the word feminism should be taken very seriously.

With no strong woman feminist leader to counter Palin, we go on the record as being very concerned about who is pushing back on this redefinition of feminism, one that takes away a woman’s right to control her own body in the name of Susan B. Anthony. Watch and read more about Sarah Palin’s speech.