Sarah Palin | American Girl Brand

Sarah Palin is America's cheerleaderSarah Palin builds her American-Girl brand. (Photo: Brian Snyder/Reuters/Landov; Logo illustration by Felix Sockwell)RedTracker| Sarah Palin has amassed a $12 million fortune in a single year and shows no sign of slowing down. When Desiree Rogers spoke of creating the ‘Obama brand’, she was hammered. Yet most of today’s celebrity cults do focus on marketing — and that includes politicians like Sarah Palin.

New York Magazine calls Palin a ‘singular national industry’. We agree. Sarah Palin can teach a ‘building your personal brand’ class at the Harvard Business school.

She is also the followup to Phyllis Schlafly, supporting challenges to women’s rights with her vision of ‘a good woman’. Like Schlafly, Palin encourages Christian American women to ‘have it all’: five kids, a multi-pronged career and life in politics.

This ‘Annie Get Your Gun’ girl has become a national folklore hero, a Reagan-inspired American girl brand of faith and promises.

Palin has our respect, if not our agreement, on ‘drill baby drill’ environmental policies and her patriarchal views of managing women’s bodies. To all who call Sarah Palin ‘stupid’, we remind them that strong women make men uncomfortable everywhere. Read on: How sarah Palin Has Become a Singular National Industry.