Rudolph Beats Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in CBS Nov 30 Ratings

Dots| To be fair, the 2010 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show did have a ratings increase over last year’s fashion show, posting a 3.4 rating with 9 million viewers. But the beautiful winged creatures couldn’t take out the flying reindeer ‘Rudolph’, also on CBS last night, who carried a 3.8.

For perspective, ‘Glee’ had a 4.5 rating.

Poor NBC’s ‘It’s Christmas in Rockefeller Center’ with all those singing stars only tallied a 1.9 rating, and ‘The Biggest Loser’ had 2.9. via

Last year ‘The Biggest Loser’ scored a hefty 10.3 million viewers against Victoria’s Secret’s 8.3 million. We’re not sure that this is good news in America’s war on obesity.