Robert Battle | Taking 'Revelations' & Alvin Ailey Into the Future

ArtTracker| The Alvin Ailey ballet ‘Revelations’ is 50 years old this week. From Anne’s perspective, there may be no finer American ballet that so captures key issues in our national psyche. The image of Judith Jamison holding her white parasol high in the ‘Revelations’ air is one of perhaps 10 images that are burned in Anne’s psyche, defining the course of her life.

To celebrate ‘Revelations’ and Anne’s positive struggle with the ballet, especially the night she first read erotica at Lolita in New York, she has updated: My Original Sins: Making Peace with Revelations & Judith Jamison, Thanks to Barack Obama. The essay feaures many videos from ‘Revelations’.

Anne of Carversville will be launching a new erotic art writing project in early 2011. Anne will publish ‘Friendly Skies, Part 1’ on Wednesday, December 1, in honor of beating back her own morality Furies and encouraging others to do the same.

Aging is a fact of life, and Judith Jamison will pack up her parasol, leaving Alvin Ailey as artistic director on July 1, 2011. She will be succeeded by the talented choreographer Robert Battle. Today’s Wall Street Journal introduces us to Robert Battle, with an in-depth interview about his plans for the company. Read on: At Ailey, the Battle Has Only Begun.