Review Says UN Climate Panel Structure Must Be Changed

current chairman of the UN climate panel Rajendra K. PachauriGreenTracker| An independent review panel has made several key recommendations about revisions to the structure of the UN’s climate panel. A key conclusion is that senior officials involved in producing the periodic climate change reports serve in the voluntary positions for only a senior report.

Without making the specific callout, the report seems to suggest that the current chairman of the UN climate panel Rajendra K. Pachauri should step down.

Harold T Shapiro, head of the panel and a former president of Princeton University, said that errors in past reports have hurt the credibility of the UN climate panel, in particular because the assertions went through no formal peer review process.

Generally the report concluded that the process of understanding and interpreting the climate change science must become more open to alternative explanations for events and also more rigorous in its investigative nature — or it loses all credibility in its conclusions. via NYTimes