Reuters | Missionaries In Haiti Will Be Freed

HopeTracker| Reuters is saying the the Haiti judge will issue an order to release all 10 missionaries, tryng to take children to the Dominican Republic.

“The order will be to release them,” the source, who asked not to be named, told Reuters. The decision has not yet been made public.

“One thing an investigating judge seeks in a criminal investigation is criminal intentions on the part of the people involved and there is nothing that shows that criminal intention on the part of the Americans,” the source said. via Reuters

Reuters says that the order could be sent tomorrow morning. Haitian officials and most of the global aid community believe that the case is a distraction.

More importantly, getting injured children out of Haiti to US hospitals has come to a grinding halt. Pilots will take out no children without perfect documentation, which is next to impossible to arrange. We have no idea whether or not a release of the missionaries will improve the refusal of pilots to fly children out of the country.  via Reuters