Resveratrol Increases Adiponectin's Fat Management Functionality

Love to Eat| Scientists at the UT Health Science Center San Antonio have an update on resveratrol’s health benefits.

Resveratrol stimulates adiponectin, a hormone derived from cells that manufacture and store fat. Like resveratrol, adiponectin displays anti-obesity, anti-insulin resistance and anti-aging properties. via Science Daily

Resveratrol is present in grapes, peanuts, berries and in red wine

Resveratrol isn’t alone in stimulating adiponectin. As people gain weight, adiponectin production decreases, particularly when the weight is belly fat.

Exercise and Adiponectin

Exercise also stimulates adiponectin production, a fact now confirmed by multiple studies.

A 2004 study among men determined that brisk walking mixed with light jogging 4-5 days per week for 40 minutes caused adiponectin levels to rise 260& after two to three sessions. A 2010 study reports that among older adult (mean age 60), doing a single hour of tai chi exercise increased adiponectin levels.