Reshuffling the Deck of Happiness Driver Cards

DolceTracker| In a ‘happiness’ update, we review current scores on the world’s ‘happiest’ countries, with a focus on wellbeing, too. Gallup just released their latest findings on wellbeing. We add tax rates and also gender equity scores to existing tables.

As always the Scandinavian countries are in first place on every score, proving that gender equity does contribute to high happiness and wellbeing scores in a country. And tax money, properly spent as it is in Scandinavia, is not a drain on the nation’s mood. In our opinion, America — including the Tea Party movement —  should invest some serious time in understanding what the Scandinavians are doing right. It’s far more than creating a set of low expectations, as “60 Minutes” tried to communicate about Denmark last year.

In fashion editorial, too — although not this April 2010 French Vogue spread — the world is having a Scandinavian moment. Last week’s TIME and the WSJ focused on comparative status, not only money, as the happiness driver. We believe they’re still looking down the wrong alley way. Read on: Status vs Money | A Third Look at Happiness, Gender Quality & Taxes.