Republican Men | Redefining Rape | Trolling Craigslist | Telling Women Our Lives Mean Nothing

Representative Christopher Lee, the Republican from New York, in 2009, and in a photo he sent in response to a Craigslist ad obtained by Gawker.RedTracker| Honest to God, we try to be objective and fair at AOC. And I admit that I was pretty agitated reading Amanda Terkel’s Huff Po post ‘Forcible Rape’ Language Remains In Bill To Restrict Abortion Funding’ when I heard on the news that Representative Christopher Lee resigned after getting busted by Gawker.

I admit it. As my colleague shared the details, I muttered “probably a Republican.”

This is the state of today’s American woman. More than 150 Republicans lent their name to a new bill, as drafted, which includes the forcible-rape provision.

What Is Consensual Rape?

This topic resonates with me. When my own rape was interrupted by the arrival of my attacker’s wife, I was in the process of submitting to rape.

The reason I was letting him rape me is because his six-year-old daughter was asleep next to me, and I was terrified that she would wake up and be damaged for life. So at age 15, I was submitting to being raped — not because I’m some salacious hussy wearing tight clothing — but because I was terrified for this young girl even more than myself.

I knew I would survive, as America is full of women rape survivors who also submitted and weren’t raped properly for Republican men.

The Republican men — and the couple Republican women in the House of Representatives — have decided that even though the US Supreme Court has ruled that I am entitled to an abortion as a legal right, if a woman submits to a rape and doesn’t have the broken bones to prove that she fought back, then no federal funds should be used for her abortion because she didn’t try to fight her attacker.

The fact that I knew my attacker since the day I was born, makes my attack consensual.

Let the Women Die

While these same sanctimonious Republican Congressmen are redefining rape through their patriarchal lens run by the Vatican— the same Islamic fundamentalist lens that demands women get under their burqas in the Middle East  — they are also telling the women of America that we can die in a hospital emergency room, if an abortion is required to save our lives.

I MUST DIE, even though the Supreme Court says I am entitled to an abortion. I admit that I am arrogant enough to say that my life is more valuable that the one of a multi-celled embryo with no chance of surviving as a human.

This is all being debated today in the House of Representatives by the Republicans who demand the right to control women’s bodies in growing numbers in every state of America. There are growing numbers of Democratic evangelical men who also agree with them, saying that women must submit to their husbands.

I will add that I was also stalked for a year and under police protection because I spoke on TV, after Roe v Wade became law. Someone heard me speaking in Buffalo and he spent a year of his life stalking me.

None of my civil rights matter to these Republicans. God’s law is higher. I will say that the police in Williamsville, a suburb of Buffalo, were fantastic on my behalf and took very seriously that this man intended to kill me.

The Republicans, backed by the Vatican, insist that American women must capitulate, giving up the rights that women all over the world enjoy. The American conservative patriarchy is demanding them back, and come hell or high water, American women will submit.

And now I hear that the same Republican Republican men who insist that American women aren’t moral enough and they will let us die to protect a fetus not capable of living — 12 week, 24 weeks, it doesn’t matter — one of their own crew members, (former) Republican Christopher Lee, a married Republican congressman serving the 26th District of New York (my old neighborhood) is trolling Craigslist, saying he is “divorced”, a “lobbyist” and “fit fun classy guy”.

God bless Gawker! I want someone in the media to start tallying up the major scandals by political party. What are the numbers? Because everything I know about the morality men is that they transgress more than any other group.

For certain, Conservatives buy more porn while wagging their patriarchal fingers at America’s women for being naughty.

This is a pathetic day for American women that the same Republican guy who is voting to take away my Supreme Court rights marches to God’s law, telling my niece that she can die in a hospital emergency ward, while texting his CL babe.

It’s a national disgrace and the ultimate admission that America is a patriarchy not significantly different from the Middle East.

American women have made our bed, and we are sleeping in it. It is manure. Anne