Report | UNESCO 'The Hidden Crisis: Armed Conflict and Education'

Beyond the Veil| Jordan’s Queen Rania has an essay in UNESCO’s 2011 global monitoring report ‘The Hidden Crisis: Armed Conflict and Education’, released this week.

In Iraq 500,000 Iraqi primary school-age children are out of school; in Palestine the number of children not in school has grown to 110,000. Worldwide, 28 million children are denied an education by attacks on schools, violence and intimidation.

“Once back in school, devastating childhood traumas impact their ability to learn and cope with the world. The effects can ripple on for generations … we must address the poverty, social exclusion, and lack of opportunity brought about by conflict.”

Kevin Watkins, the reports author, says that an “atrophied political system governed by complacent, self-interested elites” is the source of growing unrest from Morocco to Yemen. These rulers will be swept from power, Watkins insists.

The humanity left in their wake represents a potentially devasting array of problems for the entire world. via The National