Renegade Catholic Church in St. Louis Confronts the Vatican

RedTracker| Parishioners in a devoutly Catholic St Louis parish have voted to keep ‘renegade priest’ Marek Bozek in charge. The NYTimes writes that parishioners nearly came to blows in the vote.

It’s true that the views preached by Father Bozek are totally rejected by the Vatican, placing the entire St. Stanislaus in a state of practical excommunication by Rome.

It’s worth noting that the trouble began over money. In 2003, when the archdiocese proposed that St. Stanislaus’s property and assets — then estimated at $8 million — be brought under an archdiocese-managed trust. In a rare situation within the Catholic Church, a lay-person board had retained the right to manage church finances for over a century.

Understandably, the congregation feared their funds would be used to pay off sex abuse cases. Now the proceedings are a full-blown battle between progressive Catholics and Rome. Read on.