Rembering Woodstock | A Green Wedding in the Catskills

Phil Mansfield for The New York Times

DolceTracker| How wonderful to start the day with strong French Roast coffee and a good love story. My weekend guests are still asleep in their Carversville beds, and I’m darting through cyberspace, in search of fresh ideas. What a gorgeous day awaits us.

This photo of Andy Mele marrying Lisa Rainwater caught my eye, because I, too, was married many years ago at an outdoor ceremony very near Saugerties, not too far from Highmount, where we had a weekend house. Woodstock is the famous town in this area of the Catskills.

This Going Green love story tugs at my heart, especially this paragraph: The couple kept in “nearly constant contact,” Mr. Mele said, through long, poetic e-mail messages, jump-starting an intimate dialogue “that has basically never ended — she gave me a sense of belonging, a sense of place and a sense of home.”

Andy Mele and Lisa Rainwater are a wonderful example of people living life true to their roots and convictions.  We celebrate them for many reasons.

You know me … I couldn’t resist zipping over to YouTube, for a Woodstock moment. No, I wasn’t a hippie, but I moved, even then, between two worlds … one very corporate and the other more rebellious. Today, I laugh and say that I am a Lipstick Feminist. You could say I was a Lipstick Hippie, one who drove a navy blue TR6 convertible … but also had a Volkswagon bus.

Here’s my darling girl, Janis Joplin,  who moved me SO MUCH back then … singing “Try”:

 Janis Joplin | Try