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1#At The Rev. Albert Cutié has a new baby girl named Camila, the woman he loves, a position in the Episcopal Church and a new book ‘Dilemma: A Priests’s Struggle with Faith and Love. Cutié was busted with his love in May 2009 and left the priesthood and Catholic Church.   

Most Catholics, says TIME, shrugged off his indiscretion, being far more focused on sex abuse cases. The church, writes  Cutié is “disconnected from the very people it was meant to serve,” he writes, and it acted more distressed by his peccadillo than by “the truly criminal, outrageous and blatantly immoral behavior” of pedophile priests.

Archbishop Timothy Dolan, center, denounced statistics showing that 41% of pregnancies in New York City result in abortion. via Associated Press2# At Wall Street Journal: Archbishop Timothy Dolan joined other religious leaders in New York City in denouncing the reality that 41% of New York City pregnancies were aborted in 2009. The statistic from the Chiaroscuro Foundation is slightly higher than the city’s figure of 38.7%.

The new initiative has launched a website 41 Percent NYC and a Facebook page.

3# At LATimes Discovery Channel executives insist that they consulted frequently with Catholic Church officials on the new “The Exorcist Files” and met with several cardinals and bishops at the Vatican.

Discovery issued this statement: “‘The Exorcist Files’ centers on the first person accounts of individual Catholic priests who have performed exorcisms and other religious experts. Many of these stories are being told for the first time.”

Contrary to published reports, there is no future possibiity of Discovery producers attending an exorcism in process.

#4 At CNN Legislators in Houston are passing legislation today that will bar protestors at the Tucson funderals from getting within 300 feet of the services. The action is in response to a declaration from the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas that it intends to protest the funeral of 9-year-old Christina Green.