Redtracker: Baby in Bed: Birth Control for Modern Moms

The latest generation of parents are the ‘best ever’ in terms of time spent with kids. (See yesterday’s A Quickie: Moms Migrate Back to Work)

Many researchers admit this focus on parenting has come at the expense of couples focusing on each other. I do not believe this shift in focus is good for modern marriage.

As a child not reared with ‘good parenting’ defined as a total focus on my every whim, I believe that children are far more resilient, left to deal with life challenges. Parental backup is very good, however, and should not be underestimated.

Slate asks today: “Is sharing a bed with your baby a good idea? Sydney Spiesel’s review of medical studies raises caution against the idea, but makes no mention of potential damage to the marital relationship.

The viewer comment does, however, summing up a prevailing attitude of modern motherhood, better than I ever could:

I believe that there are some benefits to bed sharing. It helps prevent sleep disruption for mothers who otherwise would have to climb out of a warm and cozy place to feed the baby. It allows moms to have an uninterrupted, intimate, and intense relationship with a new baby, untroubled by the phone, sibling jealousy, or the practical demands of household life. And it’s a great form of birth control.

Enuf said. Anne