Really and Truly | American Feminism Is Headed for a Shakedown

RedTracker| Anne has a philosophy expressed at Anne of Carversville that the ‘older sisterhood’ is about to step up to the plate on a host of women’s issues.

Susan Faludi argues in this month’s Harpers that ‘young feminists are frivolous fashionistas who choose Lady Gaga over Gloria Steinem and consumerism over activism, thereby betraying the cause—and their second-wave mothers, real and figurative.’ via The Nation

As a second-wave woman who is tired of hearing ‘I’m not a feminist’ from our daughters, Anne isn’t inclined to make a passionate defense for the ‘Sex and the City’ stiletto girls or Jezebel’s arguments that liberation allows us all to be ‘slut girls’ as an expression of our independence. 

Meanwhile, America is rapidly losing ground in the comparative advancement of women’s rights worldwide, as we fight off the religious patriarchy’s demand — supported by many mama grizzlies — that American women turn in our hard-won rights and control of our bodies to God and the college of cardinals.

However, there are definite signs that some young women — the third generation and grandaughters of second wavers — are ready to roll with grandma. Anne called this trend five years ago and even she admits the delay and disappointment in its evolution, especially in Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president.

How quickly women are understanding that the ‘post feminism’ American world painted by the Salon and Slate women just isn’t real. The daughters of second-wave ‘self-centered bad mothers’ didn’t read the tea leaves correctly, and now American women are up against the wall in the fight of our lives.

The alarm bells are going off in our pretty, “Sex and the City” heads. Woops.

Maybe mom wasn’t so self-centered after all. Maybe she was just trying to join the rest of the developed world community — the Scandinavian women whose economies, productivity, political representation, health care, child care and reproductive rights to laps around ours — or the French and German women, who are leaving us in the dust.

Careful now. Anne might make the case that our daughters delivered both the mama grizzlies or death by diamond debt to devour the gains of America’s second wave feminists. Conversation is good and we say “bring it on.”

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