Rational Estrogen Comes to 'Women in the World'

GivingTracker| Women of the World of the World and a few good men are converging in New York this weekend, and not a moment too soon. Between Bibi’s Express Train to God running amok in Jerusalem this week and UN Secy General Ban Ki-moon deciding that he didn’t need ONE woman on his 19-man panel to oversee how climate change funds are distributed in developing countries, I’m thrilled to get a major hit of estrogen focused on keeping the world glued together this weekend.

Did I mention that the Devil is Living in the Vatican? Very seriously, I don’t make up anything, just report the headlines from highly respected news sources, and add my two-cents. 

Once and for all ladies, stop listening to men when they tell you that you are stupid and they are smart. We’ve had enough testerone-based ‘wisdom’ from the higher powers this week.

Instead: watch an unbelievably talented group of 95% women get down to serious, fact-based, rational thinking in New York this weekend at The Daily Beast’s ‘Women in the World’ event. Most presentations and dialogue’s are streaming live from the website.

Read on Women in the World Converge in New York. The list of attendees is breathtaking, which is fantastic news.

I — for one — want to see the planet make it to the 21st century. In the hands of unadulterated, masculine testosterone, as opposed to a sexy woman’s tweaking of testerone when she ages, we will not make it. Political correctness is over on my end. Watch these women all weekend —- PLEASE! Anne