Raquel Zimmermann | Isabeli Fontana | Mario Sorrenti's Dark Side

Private Studio| Our editorial focus is women at their sensual best in fashion and art photography. Another photographic master of capturing female sensuality is Mario Sorrenti, who seduces models in the art of sensual self-expression. We post back-to-back Mario Sorrenti editorials, above Raquel Zimmermann | Mario Sorrenti | Darker is the Memory | Vogue Nippon Oct 2010.

Below, is one of the most sensual interpretations of animal-skin fashion prints that we’ve seen in recent memory: Isabeli Fontana | Mario Sorrenti | Sensually Wicked in Vogue Paris Jan 2008 | Archives.

Note: the Raquel Zimmermann editorial inspired Anne to write:

Can Architecture Conquer Man’s Love for Icarus with New Dreams?