Raquel Welch | Post Pill, Americans Can't Keep Commitments

RedTracker| What gall! Raquel Welch, 69, sex-symbol screen actress with four husbands and currently on TV suggestively oggling a waiter 40 years her junior, has blamed the pill for causing an epidemic of promiscuity. “These days nobody seems able to keep it in their pants or honour a commitment,” she bemoaned.

This read began with the Telegraph UK’s historical overview of the Pill. It’s a good article, nothing new. Hot about Welch we located the original article, written by the buxom actress who thrills in exposing her own cleavage. In fact, the article isn’t an anti-pill article, it’s a pro-marriage, post-pill we struggle with keeping any commitments to people article. That poor little pill bears the weight of the future of civilization on its shoulders, and that’s nothing new for women. Read on at Sensuality News.