Rand Paul | Framing Out the Tea Party's Vision of America

HopeTracker| Many Americans are trying to understand just the proposed Tea Party | Sarah Palin return to America’s “Constitutional” roots entails. Unfortunately, we won’t have the opportunity hear newly-nominated Republican senatorial candidate from Kentucky Rand Paul explain his views on “Meet the Press” tomorrow.

Is the challenge that Rand actually isn’t ready to meet all of America, persuading us that the Civil Rights Act has no place in American business and BP is de facto “good guys” because they are business people and therefore not subject to blame and responsibility for the current environmental disaster in the Gulf?

Or do Rand Paul’s views, when stated publicly on the large open stage of America, sound as illogical as if stated by the ancient white male, land-owning patriarchy they represent? The liberal blogosphere can remain silent and just take notes on Rand Paul’s pearls of wisdom.

Conservatives and the Tea Party movement in particular seek a return to America’s roots. The events of this past week are informative and hopefully the beginning of a much larger discussion in America about just how many of today’s Americans want to return to the “good-old days” as envisioned by the Tea Party movement.

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