Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt | Brand Image, Not Photoshop

Body|Beauty|Culture Ralph Lauren and Nordstrom are in a new Photoshop controversy, this one involving model Tao Okamoto, who is reportedly a size 4.

Our main point is that America’s a free country. Posting a topless beauty photo of Tao, she’s actually as thin as this photo, so we’re a bit confused about the real problem here.

Ralph Lauren likes the gamine look. He’s embracing a global roster of very thin, boyish women as his brand mantra. This is Ralph’s right as an American designer. for the last year we’ve written that the Ralph Lauren brand embraces patriarchal values which state that a woman can’t be too rich or too thin.

Meanwhile, the Japanese nationalists are demanding that the Cove movie not be shown and the dolphin slaughter continue. This image isn’t a Photoshop disaster. Women who don’t relate to the Ralph Lauren brand positioning should not buy the clothes. Read on: Ralph Lauren | Nordtrom Photoshop Waist Controversy.