'Raising Malawi" Land Dispute Is OVER!

GivingTracker Madonna| The Internet is such a mixed blessing. No, it’s a total blessing, but if one isn’t careful we are confused about the timing of actions. The dispute about villagers having to move, with compensation, off government-owned land that’s been dedicated to building a new school is over — no matter what you read about the Madonna-led girls school in Malawi.

Details of the controversy are here. Even SOS Orphanges finds this situation relevent to their website, agreeing with the details in their post Madonna school uproots Malawi villages. Are charities now competing and slamming each other where possible??? I must ask them about their choice of words.

Yes, in the grey matter of life, 200 people had to move down the road, to build a new school on government-owned land. The reports don’t indicate how many were men protesters or their attitudes about educating young women. Before the world pounces on Madonna, perhaps we should have the facts.

I really hope we don’t turn this issue into another Democrat|Republican showndown. The cover of TIME magazine this week is dedicated to the total gridlock in Washington.

While Malawi progresses with excellent news on major fronts, let’s not freeze their country in inaction, as we’ve frozen our own. Anne