'Radical Acceptance: The Breast Portrait Project' | Clarity Haynes' Must-See Video

from Irving Penn’s ‘Earthly Nudes’ 2002 exhibit Metropolitan Museum of ArtIrving Penn | Master Photographer | Sensualist Anne of Carversville

Body | Beauty | Culture We want to bring to your attention a video and project that hits a bullseye into one of the key missions of Anne of Carversville. The subject concerns the control of women’s bodies through art, culture, religion, advertising — all the ‘need to control’ topics that women worldwide deal with on a daily basis.

Clarity Haynes has brilliantly articulated why every woman has a psychological need to ‘confront’ her own body, as a liberating moment in her self growth and psychological survival.

It was Anne’s visit to the Irving Penn ‘Earthly Bodies’ exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum in 2002 that set her on the exact course described in Radical Acceptance: The Breast Portrait Project. Anne emerged on the other side of this ‘confrontation’ a totally different woman.

Bookmark your calendar: Clarity Haynes, Radical Acceptance: The Breast Portrait Project is scheduled for February 12 - March 5, 2011 at Tabla Rasa gallery in Brookyn, NY.

Clarity Haynes discussing The Breast Portrait Project

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