Rachel Maddow vs Chris Matthews | Maddow's Brains Win Hands Down

RedTracker| Newsweek writes — and we agree — that Rachel Maddow has seized her moment as the face of MSNBC.

If Keith Olbermann’s focus was his lists of ‘Worst Persons in the World’ and Chris Matthews just reeks of ‘guys, guys, guys’ and ‘I, I, I, I’ until we want to throw a shoe at the TV screen, when Rachel Maddow appears at 9pm, we know the facts are coming.

When Anne watches ‘Hardball’ she literally screams at the TV: “Could your guest finish one sentence without you finishing if for him? Chris Matthews is a self-absorbed interrupter of anyone else’s ideas.”

Rhodes scholar Rachel Maddow deals in facts, charts, and a belief that American people — at least American women — want to tone down this media insanity and testosterone-infused media culture.

Qualitatively, the pundit guys are no different than Congress — except for intelligent men who seek honest debate and discussion like Fareed Zakaria and Eliot Spitzer.

It’s a male-dominated shouting match in pundit land, and you can rest assured that Bill O’Reilly will be going after Rachel Maddow with a vengeance.

BusinessInsider wrote yesterday that Rachel Maddow has 34% more viewers now than 2010. In an MSNBC press release dated yesterday, Rachel Maddow scores higher than Chris Matthews on several fronts:

“Hardball with Chris Matthews” February 2011

734,000 viewers with 182,000 in the important age demographic 25-54.

“The Rachel Maddow Show”

1,033,000 viewers with 301,000 age 25-54. Compared to January 2011, “The Rachel Maddow Show” grew +11% in total viewers and 19% in A25-54.

NBC News chief Steve Capus calls Rachel Maddow a trailblazer who “doesn’t spend her day trying to get everyone to believe what she does.”

“She’s our biggest show,” says MSNBC president Phil Griffin, who describes Maddow as “so friggin’ smart…?Very few people can be so honest with a remark, a giggle, a serious look. There’s no performance art. That performance is Rachel.”

We are behind Rachel Maddow 110% and have something cooking on the stove at AOC. Read on Rachel Maddow Seizes Her Moment.