Queen Rania Challenges Jordanian Hardliners Over Honor Killings

Beyond the Veil| Queen Rania is speaking out about honor killings in Jordan.

Sheikh Hamza Mansour, leader of the parliament’s Islamic Action Front is blocking an attempt to introduce tougher sentences for men who have killed their sisters and daughters for bring “shame” on their families.

“It’s as if the government is giving up our personality to turn us into a Westernised society,” he said. via Telegraph UK

Queen Rania finds it “deeply offensive” that the killing of 20-25 women a year is condoned in Jordan and increasing.

Sentences for famly members remain light, often as little as six months to three years in jail.

If men argue that they commit the killing as a “crime of passion”, their sentence is reduced. Sheikh Hamza resents that media and interested parties (like A of C) in honor killings represent forces trying to kill Muslim families, according to Telegraph UK.

Details of a recent killing are that brothers were called by a husband to kill his wife, who dishonored the family by wandering outside her home during the night, carrying her 16-month-old baby son.

When Abu Ishmael and his brothers arrived at their sister’s house, they were greeted by catcalls from her relatives, goading them to carry out the killing. “Are you men?” they shouted. “Show us you are men.”

She was dead — a woman of eight stabbed 28 times — within 30 minutes of being picked up by her brothers.