Prostitutes, Harlots | The Badly Fouled Mouths of Men

British election blogRedTracker| We passed yesterday on referencing our astonishment when reading Friday National Review conservative writer Ed Whelan’s metaphor in which he referenced Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan as a certain type of woman for allowing military recruiters at Harvard Law School despite her opposition to “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

He wrote, “If Kagan genuinely believed that the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell law was ‘a profound wrong—a moral injustice of the first order,’ why would she make herself complicit in implementing the grave evil? Yes, of course, it’s true, as the article points out, that ‘barring the recruiters would [have] come with a price.’ But, as George Bernard Shaw would have said to Kagan for selling out her supposedly deeply held principles, ‘We’ve already established what you are, ma’am. Now we’re just haggling over the price.’”

Kagan doesn’t like sensationalism, so we passed on the topic, wanting to advance a less-partisan discussion around her nomination.

But now we’re on the London Times website for an update on Britain’s politican situation and we read that Labour opposition to any prospective deal with the Liberal Democrats — potentially advanced by Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s announcement that he will step aside as Labour’s leader — is growing.

David Blunkett, the former Home Secretary, gave public voice to concerns about whether Labour could trust the Lib Dems in a coalition deal, claiming they were behaving like “every harlot in history.” via London Times

References to women being prostitutes and women as the source of evil in our world refuses to leave the mouths of men. There should be a kind of old-fashioned public-square dunking for every man who reveals what he truly thinks about women.

In rare cases, perhaps the rope could just break in an effort to get future generations of men to stop calling women ‘prostitutes’ and referencing anything they don’t like in life as driven by the immorality of prostitutes. The language is so not amusing anymore. Anne