Proportionately, More Women on Abu Dhabi Police Force Than New York or London

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Beyond the Veil| The latest group of female Abu Dhabi police recruits numbers 100, twice the last number recruited in the last drive. The Ministry of Interior at Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters is pleased to say that the there are proportionately more women in his police force than in London and New York.

In an interesting look at women on Abu Dhabi’s police force, we learn that it’s existed for decades, although significant progress has come recently. Many of the female officers are daughters of men working on the police force.

“I trained as a policewoman in 1990,”  First Lieutenant Shamma al Muhairy tells The National Newspaper, while surveying the marching in the courtyard. “I wanted to be an independent woman and my father encouraged me to do it. I did my training with the men. We were the fifth ever course and we lived there for 10 months. I really liked it. It teaches you discipline but it was, well, a little bit challenging. We were only 19 girls at the time and it was a new experience, especially training with the men, but they accepted it. It even made them push themselves harder so as not to seem lazy next to us.”