Private Studio | New Eroticism Sensual Provocation

Today we open Private Studio, a work in process, that will merge the most sensual, global fashion and luxury editorial, art and culture photos and a bit of commentary into Anne of Carversville.  In a personal journey lasting 30 months, I’ve decided too make myself whole, no longer separating my private consulting work in lingerie and sensual living with this personal journey.

In America, the schism between our sensuality and public selves runs deep, even as younger women. I’ve decided to make myself a whole woman — primarily because you have allowed it. In an evolution that presses constantly forward, not one of you has sent me a hate note. It would not deter me, but because of you, the experience is so much richer. Thank you. Anne

This editorial is now published in full at Sensuality News: Bianca Balti by Vincent Peters | Vogue Germany Feb 2010