President Obama Misses the Hoop on BP Speech

GreenTracker| The grades are in on President Obama’s speech last night, focused on the Gulf Oil disaster and the country’s need for green energy. As Vanity Fair wrote, the reviews aren’t as bad as “Sex and the City 2”, but almost so. Indeed, the speech was a frustrating yawn and a time when we Americans need marching orders.

We’re not on the list of people who want POTUS to express more emotion. Cerebral is fine with us. He doesn’t need to ‘feel our pain’ but he needs to do something. Only President Bush would be worse at this moment, just to be clear. We’re getting the feeling that POTUS is afraid to say or do anything definite on the Gulf Oil spill, at a time when “we’ll be there for you” doesn’t cut it.

Actions speak louder than words, and even if the response is to empower the states, rather than another review at federal bureaucracy level, fine. But for crying out loud, stop talking and do something to give these people a minimum of control over their own destiny. Read on at Politico: Obama’s uncertain ‘battle plan’.