President Obama Heads Again for Gulf Disaster

AP Photo/Charlie RiedelHopeTracker| Business Week takes an in-depth look at the future of BP and also the Obama Administration, as a result of the Gulf oil disaster.

President Obama, described by AP as ‘furious’ is headed to the Gulf today. The President has again cancelled a trip to Australia and Indonesia. 

The market has already signaled deep concern about BP. The Obama Administration’s in a holding pattern, with the country (except politicos) holding BP responsible but most pundits says that President Obama hasn’t succeeded in ‘conveying his pain’ to the American people, let alone stopping the flow of oil.

America is losing patience with the president’s handling of the crisis. 

Americans don’t want the government involved in our affairs on the one hand, but when something goes wrong, any president had better fix the problem. 

Meanwhile, the oil gushes on, although progress is (hopefully) underway to cap the gusher.