Premier Architecture Photographer | Iwan Baan

Iwan Baan | The elevated railway over the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, with its Rem Koolhaas-designed encircling tube. via NYTimesWe have back to back architectural posts. The first is a NYTimes feature on Iwan Baan, 34, a photographer who has transformed pictures of big buildings. For decades, writes the NYT, architects and designers favored photography that framed buildings as pristine objects, not integrated into the environment.

While Iwan Baan attempts to photograph every building in its most interesting version of visual reality, he doesn’t present buildings as aloof, immaterial mass. Rather, they rise in cluttered, dotted environments populated first and foremost by people.

Looking more intently at the photos, they are dynamic, not static. We’re engaged with the photos, not just passively looking at them.  via NYTimes

Iwan Baan | The new academic building by Morphosis for Cooper Union in Manhattan.More Reading

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