Prayers Please for Bloom Energy

FutureTracker| K.R. Sridhar, founder of the Silicon Valley clean tech start-up Bloom Energy, imagines that we will have a portable, clean-energy Bloom Box, next to the peonies in our backyards.

Once he figured out how to produce oxygen on mars, Sridhar reversed his scientific process to create clean energy here on earth. There are plenty of naysayers challenging the fundamentals of the Bloom Box, set for unveiling this week.

Will Sridhar laugh all the way to the bank — and with a clear conscience because he helped bring electricity to 1.5 billion people who live with none today? Let’s hope so. Read on and watch Sunday’s 60 Minutes Lesley Stahl interview: Let’s Hope Bloom Energy’s ‘Bloom Box’ Is Bathed in Good Karma & Kilowatts of Clean Energy.