Prada Dons Hip Boots, Sending Smart Sensuality Women Into Economic Cleanup Mode

Prada’s Fall/Winter 2009/10 women’s collection at the Milan Fashion show on Sunday.NYTimes Cathy Horn fashion guru summed up Prada’s stellar Fall 2009 as “Mary Janes with a Mohawk”.

Miuccia Prada is the most commercially intellectual designer in the world, one who invented the concept Smart Sensuality decades ago. Always a woman ahead of her time, the fashion industry has learned to take note of where Prada is headed.

In a consummate Cultural Creatives collection, Miuccia Prada rolled up her hip boots and sent her estrogen girls into the corner-office muckey-muck.

Sturdy dependability fabrics and asexual skin revelation, combined with a Noble Origins passion for suits, coats and 9-5 dressing sent a confirming message to the Wall Street Journal and Financial Times that sensual sobriety, quiet luxury and a rationality nobility will lead the way into a new primordial economic rennaissance.

Call it the “Smart Sensuality Hillary Clinton arrives in the Middle East” collection. Anne