Positive Correlation Between Chocolate and Depression

correlation chocolate and depressionThere are many reasons why people with a tendency for depression eat more chocolate. Love to Eat| After a flurry of good reports about the heath benefits of chocolate, a new study reveals a positive correlation between eating chocolate and depression. Researchers are quick to confirm that there is no causal relationship between chocolate causing depression and most scientists don’t believe such a connection is true. Yet, it must be considered scientific possibility until disproven.

Participants who screened positive for possible depression consumed an average of 8.4 ounces of chocolate candy per month, compared with 5.4 ounces per month among people who were not depressed. Those who scored highest on the mood tests, suggesting a positive correlation with depression, ate an average of 11.8 servings per month. Women and men tested equally. Read more on the possible conclusions that require more investigating at LATimes.