Poor Kathleen Parker's Giggles Ring Empty-Headed On Eliot Spitzer

RedTracker| ‘Parker Spitzer’ just may be too smart for CNN and the audiences of America. Anne loves the show but believes that Kathleen Parker needs to grow up and get a grip. Parker giggles almost as much as a gaggle of Victoria’s Secret Angels jumping around at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

We think Eliot Spitzer treats Kathleen Parker just fine. The guy allegedly has an IQ of about 180, and his mind is a steel trap. It’s a breath of fresh air to hear an informed person on TV; they are so few.

Anne nearly fainted the night the giggling Parker asked the male guest if some woman was cuter than she is. Where is Christiane Amanpour when we need her! Oh yeah! She’s at ABC now.

To his credit, Eliott Spitzer didn’t puke on the desk or roll his eyeballs in front of viewers. Anne put her head in her hands and screamed ‘Oh no!’ not the ‘Am I cute or what?” card.

To read that Kathleen Parker stormed off the set because everyone wasn’t fawning over her, leaving Eliot Spitzer’s star shining brigher than hers, is her fault.  Kathleen Parker is never on top of the facts and thinks she can just giggle and schmooze her way through a show on very serious topics.

Can CNN turn ‘Parker Spitzer’ into a Vanity Fair magazine for TV? Who knows.

Let Parker get her own research posse in play and come to the show informed. Maybe her pursuit of intellectual excellence will get her more attention, leaving Parker more to do that giggle, batting her eyelashes and crying foul that Spitzer is in the limelight.

We are damn tough on the patriarchy at AOC, but Parker crying ‘foul’ does nothing but embarrass us, given our preference for advancing the cause of women with brainpower and also one’s who stays in her chair when the chips are down.

Give Eliot Spitzer a Smart Sensuality True Grit woman, and they’ll be just fine. As for America’s TV audience and the show’s ratings, all bets are off.