Polygamy | Cultural Relativism | Women's Rights

Beyond the Veil| On occasion one reads a breathtaking article, written in words making succinct points at staccato speed. Miriam Koktvedgaard Zeitzen’s The Many Wives of Jacob Zuma is required reading for any regular reader of Anne of Carversville. Simply fabulous! 

Not mentioned in the article is the fact the South Africa ranks in the Top 10 countries in the World Forum’s Gender Parity Report.

You must read the comments is the Foreign Policy article, along with the writer’s point of view for a searing, quick look into global discussion on women’s rights and cultural relativism.

Personally, I’m getting tired of the cultural relativism attacks against any suggestion that tribal and precolonial rituals like flogging and female genital cutting don’t warrant concerned actions from women like myself. The statistics of women’s lives speak for themselves.

Conversely, the fact that polygamy exists in South Africa and yet many of its policies are more pro-woman than those of the US intrigues me. As always, the real meaning of events is in the grey matter of cultures — what they do, besides what they say. Anne