Politics and Goat Cheese on Lazy Lady Farm

Laini Fondiller and her Alpine goats at Lazy Lady Farm. via NYTimesHopeTracker| Today’s NYT features A Whey with Words, a look at Laini Fondiller’s organic goat dairy Lazy Lady Farm in Vermont. Fondiller’s consumed by her cheesemaking, which suits her self-described A.D.H.D. ‘Lazy’ she’s not.

The NYT writes: “The Ben & Jerry’s flavor Imagine Whirled Peace might make for a cute take on a bumper sticker for the state’s rusty Saabs, but until Hubby Hubby becomes permanent, Lazy Lady has the leftie-foodie market cornered.”

Vermont has long been a home of progressive thinking in America. In 2005 Lady Lady Farm was part of an eight farm Vermont tour, sponsored by the Women’s Agricultural Network at the University of Vermont. Read on Women Farmers and Ranchers Meet to Create Change and Plant the Seeds for Future Work.